Transform Your Salon Schedule: Attract Daytime Clients and Reclaim Your Evenings

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We know how tough it can be balancing self-employment with any semblance of a personal life, especially when it feels like everyone wants to book in the evenings or on weekends.

This is a super common ‘But’ we get from students who are struggling to build a clientele for themselves when their after-hours availability is limited – ‘But everyone just wants evenings and I have commitments already’.

Our latest podcast episode dove deep into this common challenge, and we came up with a few ideas to help you regain control over your schedule.

Redefine Your Avatar

A marketing avatar is basically your dream customer on paper, with all their quirks, needs, and favorite hangout spots, so you know exactly who you’re talking to in your marketing. Rethink who your ideal client is and focus all your energy on them. To build a clientele that has daytime availability, consider stay-at-home moms, shift workers, entrepreneurs, retirees, and more.

Know Where to Find Them

Your ideal daytime clients are out there—they’re just in different places. Think coffee shops, lunch spots, gyms, or even online communities and target those locations with trade swaps, special events, and even just flyer drops.

Solve Their Unique Problems

What can you offer that’s uniquely beneficial to them? Maybe it’s a child-friendly salon or partnerships with local lunch spots. Show them how your services fit perfectly into their daytime schedules.

Consistency is Key

Market specifically to this new avatar. Use your social media, local ads, and word of mouth to reach them. Be consistent and focused in your messaging. Forget trying to be everything to everyone – if you are everything and more for your IDEAL client, you will find her, and she will tell all her friends.

Tune into the episode to get a full breakdown of how we implement these tips in our own salons and keep our evenings and weekend free!

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This podcast episode is based on concepts from our ‘Salon Success’ business and marketing course. Want to dive deeper? Check out the course for more insights and strategies.

Remember, you don’t have to compromise your personal life to build a successful salon business. Let’s make those daytime appointments work for you!

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