I went to Yoga, therefore you should be a Nail Tech: A Story

Well, hello there.

So I made a note to tell you this story on 16 October 2023, and then… I didn’t. But THEN, it turns out my Yoga teacher (AKA one of my besties AKA the most intense, hyperfocussed-and-yet-also-somehow-distracted, kind, inspiring, ridiculous and fun people I know) now subscribes to this email, so here we are. Bumped to the top of the list.

Do you have a sore back? I have a sore back. Is it just me, or like, do we all just collectively have a sore back?! Like, I own a side-by-side fridge-freezer because then I don’t have to bend down to access either one.

And then there’s Bonnie. I don’t really like going to yoga, but I like Bonnie a whole bunch, and I really like how I feel walking home AFTER Yoga, so I try and go to her classes. But I don’t like going to Yoga. So if I have ANY reason to not go… I don’t. I need to be in a habit. When I’m in a habit, it’s easy.

I digress.

On 16 October 2023, after maybe a year of avoiding yoga, I went to yoga. And guess what. The next day I put pants on without my back twinging. WHADDAYKNOW.

And then on 2 December I broke my toe and I’ve been to yoga once since, even though my toe is fine now, cause, ya know, excuses.


You have problems, or dreams, or both. And you have excuses. You want to be self employed or have more freedom or be with your kids more or you hate waking up for a 9am start but it’s comfortable and it’s easy cause it’s just what you do.

Here’s your butt-kick.If you’re not already a Nail Tech, go do this quiz, cause it can solution-ify ALL those things.

Already graduated? Quit your real job (with a plan and savings, duh), or do that other course, or hey, quit nails if you don’t love it anymore.

You HAVE the solution.

Also, go to yoga. In fact, drive to Tairua for it, cause old Bonbon is the best.

What is your dream and what is the SOLUTION? Tell us below!

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