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  1. solnailsnz

    What are three things you’ve absolutely nailed in this Module?

    1. Use my software for consultation forms

    2. Understanding the difference between criticise and complaints

    3. Understand how to avoid negative connotations

    What are three things you really need to continue to work on?
    1. Self sabotage

    2. Being super clear around the education – so much to remember sometimes I get overwhelmed.

    3. Handling complaints

    What are three things that really surprised you?

    1. Not surprising but great advice about the after care and remembering to take notes to refer back to



    What are three things you will never forget?

    1. Replace, repair or refund

    2. Thank them, apologise and offer a solution

    3. Make NOTES

    What advice would you give to a newbie starting this Module?

    1. Take notes!

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