Can I come and meet you first?

No, but only because we don’t have an office or a classroom for you to see. Our team members all work from home in Tairua, Auckland, Tauranga, and Wellington so you would be entering their home, and since the same conversation can be had via a video call (which we’re more than happy to accommodate), we choose not to ask our team to open their homes in this way.

If you’re wanting to see what lessons are like, we highly recommend enrolling in our 2-Week trial. There are also recorded online lessons on our YouTube Channel that you can watch for an idea of what these are like. In-Person lessons are held one-on-one in our team members’ own salons (and only by request, at additional cost to our standard online training) so we can’t allow you to see one as the student involved has paid for the Mentor’s full attention and we respect that.