Watch: Easy Marbling with Nail Art Pigments

Achieve Stunning Marbled Nails with Ease Using Our Top-Grade Pigments and Monomer

Discover how to create breathtaking marbled nail effects using pigments and monomer with our simple step-by-step guide.

Start your design with a base of Artistic Colour Gloss Gel Polish in ‘Love’, a vibrant and smooth foundation for any nail art.

Open your Be Creative Pigments collection and choose from dynamic shades like Secret Solstice (yellow), Coachella (orange), and Wanderlust (pink) to bring your design to life. Combine these pigments with a small amount of monomer in a Dappen Dish — if you’re not an Acrylic Nail Tech, we have small 59ml bottles that are perfect to keep on hand for nail art projects.

Apply the pigment mix using a brush slightly dampened with monomer, ensuring it isn’t too wet by dabbing it on a lint-free wipe. Add details with Wildflowers Chrome Paint in Gold, and then secure your artwork with a coat of Bonding Gel, opting for this instead of Correction Gel for its stickier inhibition layer.

Seal your design with Glossing Gel for a durable, shiny finish, and pamper your nails with Dadi Oil for the perfect final touch.

PS You can listen to this episode of our Podcast here!