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This trial version of the Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology is designed to give you a chance to try out online learning, see what our teaching style is like, and complete a live online lesson. We aim to show how thorough our courses are and that online learning can be just as comprehensive (if not more-so) as in-person learning.

The Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology

The Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology is our most popular and most thorough qualification, covering manicures, pedicures, dipping systems, gel polish, hard gel, acrylic and polygel.

The 6 modules it is comprised of are –

You can enrol in all of them at the same time here, or spread your classes out to help with budget and time constraints.

This trial includes – 

You will have access to the content for 14 days. During this time we would recommend prioritising the Manicures and Pedicures content and attending that live lesson so you can get a real feel for what the rest of the Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology will be like.

Once you enrol in the full course, you can cross-credit the live lesson – you do not need to repeat it.

A product kit is not provided with this course but the lesson we have chosen to include uses items and products that most untrained nail enthusiasts will have at home already. We’ll save the pro-only products for the full course!



Payment Plans

You can enrol one module at a time to spread out payments and can pay using a credit card, bank transfer, LayBuy or Humm.

Humm’s ‘Big Things’ programme allows you to pay off up to $6,000 over up to 12 months, meaning you can enrol in the full Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology course AND get the optional kit and pay them off interest-free.

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