Watch: Marble Nail Art Using Gel And Monomer!

Somehow this video went crazy on YouTube within hours of being uploaded so there must be something to it!

Start with a base of Artistic Colour Gloss Gel Polish in ‘Bride’.

Next, dab small amounts of ‘Swag‘ onto the cured surface, straight from the bottle – ain’t no one got time for fuss.

Add some Monomer to a Dappen Dish – if you’re not an Acrylic Nail Tech, we have small 59ml bottles that are perfect to keep on hand for nail art.

Grab your Gel Brush, dampen it in the monomer and pat excess off on a Lint Free Wipe before using it to dilute and blend your marbling.

When cured, coat in Artistic Matte Top Coat to give a dry surface. This allows you to add extra ‘Swag’ features which, when cured, will take on foil withOUT the foil sticking to everything.

Finish it off with Correction Gel if you’re nervous or Glossing Gel if you’re not and don’t forget your Dadi Oil to finish.

PS You can listen to this episode of the Podcast here!