Balance is a Big Stinkin Myth

Well, hello there.

I’m a day late to the party. Why? Because my sister and freaking A-DOR-A-BLE niece have been here for a week and, well, I like them more than I like work.

But here’s the thing – I LOVE my job. It’s just not possible to ‘have it all’, and so, instead of thinking of some clever, educational story this week, I’m thinking about all of us who are trying to have a clean house, happy clients, healthy body, loving family… and who sometimes want to say (in the most SEO-friendly way) Eff That Shizzle.

My friend Alisha, who many of you know from the 5 years she worked for Monaco before welcoming her own bubs, used to say to me “I think you’d be such a good Mum because you put 100% into everything you do“.

And my answer was always “That’s my concern – I only have one 100%”

In peak Summer when clients are coming out my ears, I struggle to keep up with Monaco. When the clients die down for the Winter and I focus on Monaco projects, I occasionally resent their arrival interrupting my focus. When I focus on work, the garden goes unweeded despite being one of my favourite hobbies.

This is not a complaint – how LUCKY are we to be in a country where we are spoiled for choice for things to make us happy. Where so many things are available to us that we can choose our careers and communities and have hobbies. 

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with it’s own challenges – and so here is your permission to spend today saying Eff That Shizzle and just enjoying the rollercoaster.

Nothing today will be done perfectly or completely and that’s ok. 

I’d love to hear your version of balance – tell me by hitting ‘Submit Your Story’ down the bottom. 

And since this is about making money after all, if you want to change career, or embrace your hobby while also balancing all the other things, I highly recommend our Accountability Groups, with fortnightly live lessons and complete flexibility otherwise.

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PS Are you offering Soft Gel Extensions yet?