The Theory of Nails

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  1. HI Jenny,
    Would you do anything different with the products on a very cold day.

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      Not really, other than heating the room in general to a comfortable temperature because a cold client will also affect the product performance. With Hard Gel, I kind of prefer it cold because it moves slower. The only thing I would maybe change is when doing Acrylics I work under a heat lamp or sit the monomer (in the Dappen Dish) on a wheat bag because otherwise it sets really slowly.

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    So is a Initiator and a catalyst the same thing? If the initiator, initiates it and a catalyst starts it, are they they the same ? think this is where im getting confused.

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      An initiator is something that causes a reaction. A catalyst controls the speed of that reaction.

      “Myrtle initiated the rumour” – she started it, but might have only told one person. “Gertrude was the catalyst for all this drama” – she told EVERYONE so the rumour spread like wildfire.

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