The Theory of Nails

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    Would you bin the towel? It’s porous but a hot wash/ boil and disinfect should clean it thoroughly (as they do with hospital towels/robes and midwifes do). Or is this a service that you would need to outsource to a laundry service that does hospital laundry?

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      Hot wash with disinfectant in the wash 🙂 Although there’s no such thing as too safe, so your other ideas would also work

  2. Is a metal bin completely necessary? I have a plastic lidded bin.

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      A plastic bin will degrade over time, holding odours and creating new ones. Remover and Cleanser-soaked nail wipes will stick to it. You can line a plastic bin of course, but some of those same things will melt through liners so metal is definitely the best option.

  3. You would only need to dispose of a towel or other non porous item if it was contaminated is that correct otherwise disinfect/wash ?

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      Correct 🙂

  4. Sanitising and Disinfecting, Can you put the instruments through a dishwasher on its own cycle? (not with dishes). I have a glass washer from a bar.

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      I don’t know the science behind it but it’s not something I’d be comfortable doing or recommending

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