The Theory of Nails

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  1. Hi there, I am having trouble getting the 6.12B understanding ingredients activity up on my screen. Also can’t print off the sheet with all the indgredient descriptions. Can you help please. Thanks Heather

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      Hi! 6.12B should now be fixed. Can you confirm which # you’re referring to for the descriptions?

  2. Hi there, I just have a question in regards to the assignment 6.12B, I am asking on here as there does not appear to be a question box on the assignment itself, hope that is okay!

    My question is when doing the “usage” portion and is it okay for us to include any research we have done ourselves into what each ingredient is used for in the product, not necessarily from the work book?

    I hope this is okay to ask!



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      Absolutely, go for it!

  3. Hi Penny cant find the sheet to print off to do this work on or to down load?

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      It’s not a sheet, it’s digital, if you click through to 6.12B you can enter the answers 🙂

  4. Hi Penny I have written my answers for 6.12B In the answer box and when i pressed send it changed the way it looked so i re worked it and sent it again and it has changed it again, i cant keep doing this as i have now used up two attempts, unsure what im doing wrong

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      Looks good to me! Don’t forget you can always attach it as a PDF in future too.

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